Journal Entries by Fiske Smith

Sep. 12, 2005 - MAD and Madder
During the factious "Cold War", the the US and USSR used the ruse of MAD, (Mutually Assured Destruction) as an instrument to neutralize each other so each nation could undertake their own campaign of robbing the third world of it's resources. Now the bankrupt Russians are no longer able to hang in the arms race, because we close lined them with a barrage of sophisticated "Economic Hit Men" charades that are still making their heads spin. But the Russians are chess players, and you can see how Putin interacts with Georgie. Itı's like watching a constrictor in a cage with a mouse. The mouse is jerking side to side, whiskers desperately gauging the air of eminent death as the snake waits coiled to strike like lighting. The Russians can no longer afford to project their imperialistic power as in days gone by, but like a good chess player they lay in wait as the U.S. wastes pawns, castles and knights.....they will strike when the board is bare, and clean up the crumbs our depleted military empire is no longer able to intimidate and defend, because weıll be more broke than they ever were. MAD prevented any single power to run rough shod over the available resources of the third world. Forget all the freedom vs. communism rhetoric, It was A bombs. Now the prevalent strategic thinking is little madder than MAD. "Terrorists" under the current blueprint now control all the power. They are heading to our shores with nukes, in planes, container ships, and 18 wheelers, storming across our southern borders with black market bombs headed for Washington DC.. Marshall George "Wyatt Earp" Bush is going to head them off at the OK corral and "smoke 'em out". So Pre-emption is his only course. Incredibly, this dangerous in vogue thinking is if we kill 'em now the terrorist wonıt have the submarines, or hard bunkered ICBM's to counter a first strike and hit us back. This blueprint really bends the mind. The type of desperate, vengeance filled zealots we are going to create will never stop, unless we address the issue of justice. A war on terror will never be won, it will only be used to defeat freedom. I kinda like mad better than madder....

Sep 5, 2005 - $100  a barrel oil
How will the empire deal with oil prices like $100 dollars a barrel? The same way they've always done it. Make people live with it!  In the 1930's and 40's when the country's municipalities, states and regions we're wrestling with the new issues of rapid transportation, and alternatives like bus systems, trains, fuel efficient cars, long life batteries and tires were proposed, these ideas would be nixed in favor of the national interstate plan, and the suburbia, mall system that followed. This system really shattered a way of life based on community. Up until this time life emanated from a square, a public market, people walked took buses or streetcars and talked and mingled with one another. This new life centered around the car and individuals listening to car radios and going to malls where everyone is a stranger. Now the demons of that system are coming home to roost. Gas will become like single malted scotch, enjoyed and afforded only by the rich. Airline travel will be an unreachable luxury for most of us. How will the authorities make us live with this situation? Terrorism. Why else is all this legislation and new departments being enacted and formed like The Patriot Act, The Department of Homeland Security, The Model States Emergency Health Powers Act, the formation of the Northern Command, and the new intelligence centralization? I think it is because the powers that be will continue with this phony war on terrorism supported by false flag operations like the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11 used to convince the American public that we need to be protected and corralled for our own safety, thereby saving gas and transportation for the privileged. Better get in those long car trips you've wanted to take, next year you might need a visa to get from California to Nevada.


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