What's the Alternative? (Continued) For instance, many countries, China and India in particular, are reporting the emergence of "Indigo Children". These gifted souls are born with the gift of telepathy, clairvoyance, and other sixth sense abilities that don't require an upgrade to OS 10! This is a real possibility for truth telling. But it will require a pure monastic mind, or courage for individuals to accept who they are as they lay open their darkest desires, prejudices, and motives for all to "see". No one will have anything to hide. Imagine a press conference conducted by one of these Indigo children with President Bush. What a refreshing event that would be! Technology has made all of us lazy and it is stilting the dormant psychic power we all possess. You can see the change in our national identity since high-techs inception. Yesterday I saw a Catholic Cardinal in New York claim that "the Pope was America" I know what he meant. Pope John Paul II was a protector of the poor, he stood up for truth, and he believed in the basic goodness of people....(or so his image was manufactured to convey this). But think of what America really is today. Nobody believes the small town commercial that portrays the USA as a farming community, of small shops and cozy coffee klatches. It's Wal-Marts, cut you off at the entrance ramp, loud cell phone users, and a "get mine first ethic" that dominates our country. In the long run this is the tapeworm that Catherine Austin Fitts talks about. We have a different alternative, and we ALL have the power to re-invent this if we choose. Spiral Into It wants to re-activate our ability!

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