Aug 29, 2005 Sick of Security and Homeland
"And we must protect the American people.....: Aren't you so sick and tired of hearing that refrain from politicians? When you begin to listen for it, it's amazing how often it's used! From everything to national security food safety, child safety, financial safety, etc. etc.. Every time you see some protracted interview about terrorism, it always ends with some pledge from some pundit that the American people need to be protected. Protection is a cover word for control. I don't want to be protected I want to be left alone! I want our government to leave the rest of the world alone and stop protecting them by enforcing democracy. I also think itıs vitally important that we start a campaign to eliminate, prohibit or ridicule any joker that uses the word Homeland when they refer to this country. That word is a declaration of surrender of democracy. It's use was founded on a lie! I canıt believe how common this word has become. To me it's connection with the German slogan Fatherland is so obvious. It's so insulting to me that this word has become synonymous with a loyalty oath in the country's lexicon. I will never use it, I will deride anyone who uses it and I'm starting a campaign today to ban it's use. With a little success we can then set our sights on the dissembling of The Department of Homeland Security, the biggest shakedown scheme in the history of this country. Anyone who saw 60 Minutes the other night got a taste of what a scam the whole thing is. Oink Oink Oink! Pure unadulterated Piggy Pork under the guise of protecting American citizens. Shameful!


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